Curry Menu

Curry Menu


  • - Masala Poppadum, gf

    Roasted poppadum bites, served with chopped onion,to mato, cucumber,coria nder with chat masala, tamarind chutney and minted yoghurt
  • - Amritsari fish, gf

    Haddock bites marinated with spices, lightly coated with gram flour, served with green chutney
  • - Vegetable pakora gf, v

    Onion, potato,peas and spinach pakora with mango and green chutney
  • - Chicken Tikka 65, gf

    Marinated chicken morsels cooked in a clay oven then stir fried with Curry leaves, mustard, chilli and peppers


  • - Kulfi Ice Cream, gf

  • - Carrot Halwa, gf

    ted Carrots cooked in ghee and then milk,raisins se rved with vanilla l/C


  • **All curries come with pilaf rice,naan bread,mango chutney and poppadum**

  • - Chicken Chettinad

    Tamil Nadu favourite, made with coconut, roast spices and curry leaves
  • - Chicken Jalfrezi

    cooked with onion & tomato masala, stir-fried with pepper,tomato, chillies
  • - Saag Chicken

    Chicken cooked with spinach, garlic and onion masala
  • - Saag Lamb

    Lamb cooked with spinach, garlic and onion masala
  • - Lamb Jalfrezi

    Lamb cooked with onion & tomato masala then stir­ fried with pepper,tomato
  • - Pork Vindaloo

    Goan favourite pork dish, moderate ly spiced with chilli,garlic and Vinegar
  • - Malabari Seafood Curry

    Haddock,king prawn and squid cooked to perfection served with a coconut and tamarind-based curry often tempered with red chilli,musta rd and curry leaves
  • - Saag Panee

    Cottage cheese cooked with spinach,garlic and onion masala
  • - Chana Masala

    Chickpea cooked in Onion tomato masala,green chillies and corinder
  • **Please inform your server if you allergic to any food or cooking ingredients**

Curry MENU

Pork Vindaloo